SM-100 Series Label Printing Scale

Salient Features

  Graphic Display Customers and operators can easily read the bright graphic LCD with back-light. Large characters display the product name and scroll messages for promotions or store specials.
  Keyboard Water-resistant membrane keyboard stands up to frequent use.
  Features Reliable printing mechanism Powerful communication capabilities
Technical Specifications
  Display 32 X 202 Full Dot Matrix Green LCD with Back-Ligh
  Memory capacity 1MB (Standard)
  Display resolution 1/3,000
  Paper width Max 60 mm (Lable) 60 mm (Receipt)
  Printing speed 80 mm/sec (Lable) 105 mm/sec (Receipt)
  Lable size Maximum 60 (W) X 220 (L)mm
  Power source AC 220 / 230 (50 / 60 Hz.)
  Standard interface RS232C, Ethernet, Cash drawer I/F, Wireless LAN I/F (IEEE 802.11b/g) Note: Cash drawer and Wireless LAN are not included.