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SI-810 Volumetric Scale

Measuring the correct Dimensional Weight is extremely critical in the Logistics & Warehousing Industry. The SI-810 Volumetric Scale is the ideal choice for this.


SI-810 Volumetric Scale


Technical Specifications

General Specification

Weighing unit

Measuring unit cm, mm
Maximum weight 50 kg
Weighing increment 5 g
Platform size 600 x 600 mm
Measuring sensor Red Light Sensor class 2

Performance Specifications

Maximum object size

530 mm [Length]
530 mm [Width]
530 mm [Height]
Minimum object size 30 mm [Length]
30 mm [Width]
30 mm [Height]
Measuring increment 5 mm
Measurement time 3-4s

Other Specifications

Object shape

Rectangular solid objects. Other shapes may vary from quoted specification
System interface USB - HID, Ethernet [TCP/IP] RJ45
Power requirement 230V AC, 50Hz
Power consumption 30W