PG-FB Precision Balance


Salient Features


  Display Customer display
  Connectivity RS-232 interface for easy computer connectivity
  Power AC/DC Adaptor
Technical Specifications
  Technology Magnetic Force Restoration Technology (MFRT)
  Calibration method Automatic software calibration (External weight)
  Operating temperature +10°C to +40°C
  Tare range Full capacity
  Sensitivity drift (20°C to 40°C) +/- 5ppm/°C
  Repeatability/Verification interval Linearity +/- 1d / +/- 2d
  Display type Green Vacuum Fluorescent Display(VFD)
  Dimensions without draft shield (Width x Depth X Height) 190mm x 275mm x 85mm (table-top) / 257mm x 350mm x 97mm (PG 10000 & PG 34000)
  Display digits / Size 7 Digits / 13 mm
  Approx. gross weight (balance only) 2 to 2.3kg (table-top) / 6.4kg (PG-10000 & PG-34000)
  Power supply -AC/DC adaptor Input – 230V AC, 50Hz Output – 6.9V DC @ 1.5A, Max Watt – 13W
  W & M classification Class II (PG Series) Class I (FB Series)
  Processor /td> Digital 8 bit micro- computer<
  Default weighing units Grams