GDT-810 GPS Controller Unit

Salient Features

GDT-810 is a high end System Controller Unit receiving accurate Atomic time through the Master from a network of GPS Satellites. This data can be updated to Server or Client through the LAN network. It has numerous useful features which include Set point Output control, Programming & Low-cost Automation based on Time.
  Processor Intelligent system controller unit based on ARM processor.
  Display 256x64 graphic LCD module with backlight.
  Keyboard 21 keys.
  Location Integrated GPS receiver module.
  Transmitter Integrated RF transmitter (866MHz).
Technical Specifications
  Signal 999 signal output programming
  Outputs 2 potential free set-point outputs
  Interfaces supported 2xRS-232, 1x LAN
  Network Network synchronization of time
  Mounting Table or Wall mounting
  Enclosure SS-304