DS-75 Counter Scale


Salient Features

  Display Has bright blue display and gives accurate readings
  Capacity Wide platter that can weigh from 6kg - 31kg
  Power Rechargeable battery ensures continuous operation during power failure with a backup of more than 50 hours
Technical Specifications
  Model DS-75
  Physical dimension 345(L)mm x 428(W)mm x 407(H)mm
  Weight sensor Load Cell
  Processor Micro Controlle
  Display 7 Segment Bright Blue Display
  Display size 0.56” (14.22mm
  Display digits 6 Digits
  Indications Zero, Tare, Batt, Unit
  Calibration method Automatic Software Calibration
  Power supply 230V AC, 50Hz
  Power supply 230V AC, 50H
  Power consumption 6W
  Accuracy class Class III
  Platter size 340mm x 280mm
  Platter material Stainless Steel
  Battery Inbuilt 6V / 4AH Rechargeable type with more than 50 hours backup (under full charge condition
  Factory option RS-232 Serial Interface